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Raffles Medical Group is a leading private healthcare provider in Singapore and the Asian region at large, operating medical facilities in fourteen cities across Singapore, China, Hong, Kong, Japan, Vietnam, and Cambodia. It is the only private Singaporean medical group that owns and operates a fully integrated healthcare organisation of tertiary hospitals, a network of family medicine and dental clinics, health screening and specialist centres, Japanese clinics and traditional Chinese medicine clinics, insurance services and a consumer healthcare division.

As a trusted provider of world-class medical services in Asia Pacific for more than 45 years since launching its first two clinics in 1976, Raffles Medical has become one of the most trusted and highly regarded names in the field, serving more than 2.2 million patients and 7000 corporate companies a year.

With a diverse multinational team of physicians and the latest in cutting edge medical equipment and diagnostic tools, Raffles Medical hospitals and international medical centres offer a compassionate, ethical, and professional continuum of holistic patient care. Our regional services are fully backed by our Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital and specialist providers in Singapore.

Founded in 1976 with two clinics in central Singapore, RMG has grown consistently over the years to now serve over 2 million patients today and more than 6,800 corporate clients each year. RMG has a staff strength of 2,500, including 370 physicians.

From primary care at its network of Raffles Medical clinics to specialist and tertiary care at Raffles Hospital, the Group prides itself on offering a seamless continuum of care to all its patients.

Raffles Medical Phnom Penh was opened in 1992 and is renowned for the delivery of comprehensive international standards of medical services. The staff consists of well qualified doctors and nurses who are familiar with the health dynamics in Cambodia, and are able to provide full support for expatriates, residents and tourists for day to day health management, vaccinations, medical stabilisation and treatment in the event of a medical emergency. 

 Patients will receive the same high level of service and renowned quality of care, with continued access to our panel of international and local doctors. Patients and onshore paneof doctors can also expect to benefit from access to the clinical expertise and support from the Raffles specialists in Singapore. 

 We looking forward to being your trusted partner for health throughout Cambodia. 

 1. Vision 

Your trusted partner for health 

 2. Mission 

Our mission is to enhence health and well-being by providing the best total healthcare. 

 3. Core Values 


We put you and your well-being at the centre of all that we do. Treating all with respect, compassion and dignity. 



We will uphold your trust by maintaining the highest professional integrity and standards. 


We will continually seek advancement and innovation to achieve better healthcare. 

Team-based Care 

We dedicate and combine our skills, knowleged and experience for your benefit. 


We seek always to create and deliver value for you. 


Assure the Best Outcome 


Build Seamless Service 


Create Value 


Delight with Personalised Care 

We pledge to set and practise high standards through an effective quality management system to assure that our services meet and exceed the expected requirements of our clients and patients. 

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In case of EMERGENCY, please CALL us at 855 (0) 12 816 911.