Importance of Vaccinations

Have you taken your vaccine? In recent years, the term “vaccine” has become more familiar to our ears. With the importance of vaccination being emphasised, many have taken the initiative to take their vaccines. However, what exactly do vaccines do? And why are they so important? Our body’s immune system To understand the importance of […]

What Parents Need to Know Before Sleep Training Their Child

Parents of young children will likely be familiar with the sleep deprivation that comes with parenthood. If you are the lucky parent of a baby who sleeps through the night within the first few weeks of life, count your blessings! However, if your baby is already a year old, and waking every two to three […]

Benefits of Meal Preparation

Meal prepping is a term that has been trending. It involves preparing meals for the week in advance. This usually involves a lot of preparation and cooking for one day of the week in order to prepare for all other days. It sounds like a daunting task, but it can be both satisfying and healthy […]

Alcohol use and your health

We often get mixed messages about alcohol use. Moderate amounts have been linked to health benefits, but it is also addictive and highly toxic — especially when you drink too much. The truth is that the health effects of alcohol vary between individuals and depend on the amount and type of alcohol consumed. What is […]

Companions of Hypertension

Question: I am diagnosed with hypertension. What is next for me? What are the consequences if my condition is left untreated? Answer: Once a diagnosis of hypertension is confirmed, it is essential to have regular follow up and be monitored by a doctor so that your blood pressure is well controlled. If left untreated for […]